About Us


Our Mission

To build community resources for oppressed and marginalized people, via direct services, capacity-building training, and project support. 




People experiencing homelessness are socially and politically excluded from the public sphere. We are organizing people who experience homelessness and their allies to combat policies and practices of institutions which marginalize people. Current projects include the Homeless Leadership Project. 


Our other current project, the Transgender Informed Consent Project, include entering conferences for medical professionals, nurses and students regarding trans informed consent.  Trans informed consent is important for culturally competent medical care that does not exclude any group of people. We are educating to ensure that medical professionals, nurses, students, and others are educated in informed consent.

Contact us to Join the Homeless leadership project

Contact info@fundforempowerment.org or 602-872-3465


Founded in 2018, in Phoenix, by Dorian Vrenden (President) and Elizabeth Venable, MA, MPA, (Treasurer), the Fund hopes to build capacity in the populations it serves by holding workshops and trainings, developing speakers, and functioning as an umbrella for projects. Our projects are generally advocacy based but develop skills and capacities in the population while spreading knowledge. 

The Fund envisions itself as an ally in generating resources for community projects for marginalized people.